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An E.C. Partnership

For the past 25 years, E C Contracting has been building it’s reputation on the premise of Quality, Honesty, and  Commitment. 

It is no surprise that we have partnered up with three of the leading suppliers in our industry. With each partnership representing our positive growth, we are able to offer the highest quality products on the market with the most competitive prices around.

Building partnerships doesn’t happen overnight, instead its built over time and with dedication. We believe in moving forward with companies that share the same values.



As a new company with old school values, Carter Architectural Products believe the honesty of a man’s word and his handshake should be good enough to transact business. As we have grown and diversified, Alucoil has always been supportive and creative along with us. We both believe business transactions should be an exciting and positive undertaking and through professional support staff, easy to conduct.

With the expansion of the larson ACM line of product, Alucoil is our choice for our EVO™ family of wall panels, because of their expertise, commitment to quality materials, top–rate service and ease of doing business with. Through continuing effort to excel in product design and partnering for performance, our confidence in growing together with the larson product line and the Alucoil management, is an easy decision.


For 37 years Rmax has been the leader in developing building insulation solutions. Rmax has continued to push-the-envelope through technological means, to invent new and more efficient insulating methods using polyisocyanurate. We are honored to partner with Rmax to develop the EVOMAXci wall assembly system. The superior R-value, performance and design of Rmax rigid insulation products, sets them above the rest for application and specification.

The Rmax organization demonstrates `forward thinking’, which compliments our visionary approach to finding better solutions for the building envelope. As building science plays an ever increasing role in designing healthier and more efficient structures, comfort can be felt in Rmax products being at the forefront of our industry’s needs.


As we evolve, so do our products. We set out to create a continuous expression wall panel that would lay across a building face without visible interference. Our solution is the Evolution or EVO™ panel! The EVO™ has no equal. Patent Pending and fully tested, EVO™ embraces the future vision for building facades.


"Partner up to produce meaning and value!"

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